At Virtual MGR, we offer fully customizable, operational, and remote workforce software developed to create more efficient, compliant, and quality-controlled workflows. We have made it our mission to develop innovative solutions to improve working lives. We value the relationships we have both internally,  and with our customers, and we use our team's combined knowledge, expertise, and skill-sets to make the day-to-day lives of our customers and their workforce easier.  

We provide a cloud-based, data-driven platform that smoothly shifts analog paper processes of managing dispersed labor into a fully digital system that tracks performance and labor productivity to discover efficiencies and profitability opportunities. We serve a range of industries, including healthcare, foodservice, wellness, commercial cleaning, senior living, government, and education, to address various pain points in compliance management, labor productivity, and task validation. Fully-customizable and easy to integrate, Virtual MGR’s software increases efficiencies – saving our clients time and money. 

Virtual MGR’s global offices are located in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Our Core Values

We inspire to solve workforce problems while making the world more compliant through software and task management tools, one employee at a time. Our company culture revolves around Family, Integrity, Respect, & Alignment.



Family is an integral part of the way we operate our business, both internally and externally. The relationships we have with coworkers and clients provide growth, support, opportunities, and encouragement for adaptation and execution of new ideas, visions, and strategies.


Integrity is the foundation of our trust. We provide a gold standard for labor productivity and task management through high-quality, credible, easy-to-use software that offers tremendous value to our clients. We act ethically, without compromise, and stand by our word and promise.


Our team recognizes that everyone works differently, and we respect the difference of opinions, beliefs, and ideas of those within and outside of our company. You know your business better than anyone, so we look to you as the experts in your industry and evolve to meet your needs.


Our company's DNA is summed up by two core characteristics: innovative and customer-centric. We’ve made it our mission to create cutting edge applications and project managing tools that solve real business issues in the simplest and most effective way possible.