Cut costs and maximize employee labor productivity with HealthClean, a powerful RegTech software and task validation tool. Through our customizable labor and task management system, you can quickly make data-driven decisions to hold employees accountable.

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Audits & inspections performed on paper are a thing of the past - no more missing files or bulky storage! SmartCheck by Virtual Mgr adds a layer of quality assurance to your operation by digitizing your departmental compliance forms. Performing audits on a cloud-based platform creates true time & date stamps to ensure accuracy. Additionally, reporting through a digital system allows for instant accessibility and historical trend tracking.

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Easily record task progress and labor productivity through the use of QR codes with our SmartClean cleaning software. With detailed, intuitive dashboards, you can track task progress and dispersed labor in real-time.

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SmartCycle by Virtual Mgr brings digital cleaning compliance & reporting to your perioperative operation. Procedural checklists & audits are digitized, providing a live, time-stamped validation of cleanings taking place in the OR setting. SmartCycle’s cloud-based system means no more bulky paper binders or missing files. Historical reporting, cleaning metrics, and data trends are all housed in our secure digital platform, creating a stress-free process during critical audits.

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QuickResponse from Virtual Mgr allows staff, visitors and guests to collaborate on keeping your building environment safe & clean. QR Codes are strategically placed throughout highly visited areas to allow instant reporting of issues in the surrounding spaces. A simple scan of the QR code brings up a customizable list of commonly reported items, and with one click the issue is dispatched to the designated department.

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Ensure HACCP compliance with FoodSafe’s wireless food temperature monitoring and task management tool. FoodSafe records operational and cleaning tasks and provides instant alerts if standards are not met.

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Workforce Compliance Made Easy

For employers in need of a workflow solution for dispersed labor, Virtual MGR provides customizable, data-driven software designed to streamline and digitize processes, mitigate risks, and maintain compliance by creating efficiencies and profitability opportunities through increased labor productivity.

As a director or manager, you want simplicity and efficiency in your labor and task management tools. With just a few clicks, you can track, monitor, and access real-time data on individual employees or teams across multiple facilities. Virtual MGR’s facility management software gives you the power to make data-driven decisions on the go.

“Virtual MGR’s HealthClean software has made a tremendous impact on real-time performance outcomes driven by validated metrics. In addition, shifting documentation from hard copies to tablet technology further demonstrates our commitment to more sustainable operations.”

Rich Feczko, National Director, Standards & Innovation – Crothall Healthcare

“Virtual Manager is a game changer for me and will really enhance productivity to ensure patient satisfaction scores are impacted in a positive way.”

William Dilla, Director, Hospitality & EVS – Allegheny Health Network

“With Virtual MGR we have seen a ROI within 4 months. There is no other product out there that can do everything that this product can do. Easy to use, supports management and senior leadership with robust reporting.”

Mark S. Orloff, M.D., Director of Medical Facilities – University of Rochester

“Virtual MGR's FoodSafe tool assists our team in having real-time visibility into daily operations, performance and compliance while also enabling seamless monitoring and recording of all food safety processes. Less cumbersome and time-consuming than a traditional paper-based process.”

BIKASH RANDHAWA, COO – Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP)

“Your selfless dedication to excellence has allowed us to present our facility as the innovator using groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the EVS industry.”

EVS TEAM – University of Virginia

“VirtualMGR is an absolute game changer for our operation. Within seconds we can see what every employee is doing at that moment, how many tasks they have remaining, and we can pull reports to track the productivity of each employee and shift that way we can recognize our top performers.”

David Duthu, Assistant Director – North Mississippi Medical Center