Inspection & Audit Technology for Digital Compliance

Manual audits & inspections are becoming obsolete - no more missing files or bulky storage! SmartCheck by Virtual Mgr adds a layer of quality assurance to your operation by digitizing your standard departmental forms.

Performing audits on a cloud-based platform creates true time & date stamps to ensure accuracy and support regulatory compliance. Additionally, reporting through a digital system allows for instant accessibility and historical trend tracking.

Key Features of SmartCheck

Custom Audit Workflow

Digital inspections allow you to ditch manual pen & paper data entry and complete assessments with a few simple clicks. SmartCheck allows you to capture observations, input quality assurance audits and create & assign corrective action tasks. Easily capture images and document notes against your activity.

Monitor Quality Standards

Data analytics captured through SmartCheck helps you create routines and schedule audits based on historical trends. Additionally, the data compiled will guide you to which employees and areas need more follow up.

Real-Time Employee Scoring

Visualize quality inspection scores through our integrated dashboards and automated reporting. Scores are instantly updated on a rolling basis when audits are performed. Measure both individual employee performance and capture overall facility performance trends.

Inspection Checklist and
Audit Management System