A digital approach to perioperative cleaning compliance and quality management of regulatory standards

SmartCycle brings digital cleaning compliance & reporting to your perioperative operation. Procedural checklists & audits are digitized, providing a live, time-stamped validation of cleanings taking place in the OR or Surgical area settings.

SmartCycle’s cloud-based system means no more bulky paper binders or missing files. Historical reporting, cleaning metrics, and data trends are all housed in our secure digital platform, meeting regulatory compliance including creating a stress-free process during critical audits.

Key Features of SmartCycle

Instant Terminal Cleaning Reports for Healthcare Audits

Terminal Cleaning Logs & Checklists are digitized for efficient reporting during healthcare audits and inspections. Unlimited cloud access on our digital platform reduces paper waste and instantly shows historical turnaround data.

Monitoring Real-Time Surgical Cleaning Compliance

Using mobile devices to log cleaning tasks in OR, L&D and Perioperative areas, SmartCycle provides visibility to compliance-related tasks in real time. A few simple clicks allows for time-stamped task validation that can be viewed on a live dashboard.

Two-Factor Verification

Once a terminal clean is completed, a follow-up task is automatically generated for a department manager. The manager must complete a time-stamped audit and sign off on the room, providing a layered compliance approach.

Complete Operating Room
Cleaning Compliance